The Park has been committed to Conservation and Environmental programs since 1979. Many of these programs undertaken include:-          

  • Development and implementation of a Land Management Policy to arrest
  • The decline of indigenous Eucalypts (only 14 mature trees remained in a 36 hectare area of the Park)
  • Control programs developed to stop and reverse high table and associated salinity problems.
  • Eradication of non-indigenous plants and trees.
  • Eradication of noxious weeds, which had overrun dry land areas of Park.
  • Improved drainage system of salt affected areas.
  • Development of water recycle program, utilising the Town’s storm water run-off saving the Park 250,000 litres of drinking water per year.
  • Park Wetlands form part of Town of Kyabram’s storm water catchment system; water is held in lakes system where it is filtered, held for 72 hours then released into the Goulburn/Murray river systems.
  • Eradication of European Carp in smaller pondages.
  • Staff, Committee Members and supporters have assisted in the planting of more than 7000 native grasses, shrubs and trees over the past 20 years.
  • Design and construction of the first, energy efficient, solar heated Reptile House in Southern Hemisphere.
  • Response to more than 5000 enquiries from the general public on land management, tree selection, salinity, wildlife management and other environmental issues over the past 10 years.
  • Establishment of the region’s first Environmental Education Service.
  • First regional Wildlife Park to obtain funding from Department of Education.

In addition to the Environmental Program undertaken, the Park has also a commitment to developing and participating in conservation of our Wildlife; in particular, regional species, and those regarded by Government Agencies or major Zoos, as "Threatened" or "Vulnerable", either in the wild or in captivity.

Since 1979, the Park has successfully participated in breeding programs, which include;

Eastern Barred Bandicoot:  

Only non-government institution to be currently breeding this specie in Victoria.

Victorian Koala:

Successfully bred and supplied animals to other institutions participating in International Management Program.


First wildlife park in Victoria to breed species as part of Captive Management Program.

Other species which we have successfully bred and have been part of Captive Management Programs or part of government Release Programs include Pied Geese, Cape Barren Geese, Alpine Dingo, Bush Curlew and Tasmanian Devil.

The Park will continue to participate in Captive Management Programs or Recovery Programs as resources and Sponsorship become available.