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Kyabram Fauna Park is providing Students with an opportunity to engage in programs which showcase the Australian environment and all who live in it by offering a variety of Programs which can provide hands-on experiences for both Students and Teachers alike, both inside and outside the Classroom.

We offer a range of Programs from Pre-Schoolers through to Tertiary education.

Our Programs are in line with the Victorian Department of Education and linked to expected outcomes.  The Programs offer experiences which are not only memorable but widen Student’s understanding of Australia’s unique Fauna & Flora.  Our Service is now available five (5) days per week.

Check out our available Programs below and contact us today to arrange an unforgettable learning experience: -

ADMISSION FEES:   (Valid 1st January 2018 - 31st December 2018)

            Pre-School:  (Adult Ratio 1:5)              $ 5.00 per head

            Students:      (Aged 8 - 18 years)         $ 9.50 per head

            Teachers:     (Ratio 1:10)                       Free of Charge

            Additional Staff:                                    $ 10.00 per head

Do you require a Classroom/Learning Session?  Pre-School Students are Free of Charge; Students aged 5 - 18 years @ $ 8.00 per head, per Session.

Please Book four (4) weeks in advance with your proposed/preferred dates.  We shall send out a Booking Form.



                        Creature Features (Feathers, Fur or Scales)


                       Aussie Animals

                       Here Today, Gone Tomorrow

                       Home is Where the Hollow is

                       It’s a Bug’s Life

                      A Walk on the Wild Side (self-guided Program)

         SECONDARY SCHOOL PROGRAM (Years 7 - 10):

                      In to the Wetlands

                     Survival of the Fittest


                    Adapting to Australia

         SECONDARY SCHOOL PROGRAM:  ( Years 11 - 12):


Should you have a theme/focus within your Classroom, please contact us for any advice and/or resource material information.

FOR FURTHER INFORMATION, please contact us at:


Phone:             (03)  5852 2204

Fax:                 (03)  5853 2336

If emailing, please provide School Name; Contact Person’s details; Tentative/Proposed Date/s; Number of Students and Year Level.

Catering Options and School Booking Room Hire are also available upon request. 

Further enquiries welcomed re availability and applicable charges.

  All Payment arrangements will be organised prior to Visits.