Hi all.  

Plans are being finalised for our new Saltwater Crocodile Enclosure ................

and we hope to start building very, very soon.

Funding has grown nicely for this Project but we can always use a little bit more for some luxuries; so if you would still like to donate towards this Project, please contact us via email or telephone.  

Thank you for all the marvellous support received, so far.  It is very much appreciated.

The Park has endured another hot Summer and we have received bonus rain which has filled our Lake system and attracted many more species of Native Waterbirds in large numbers. 

The Lakes are bursting with wildlife and if you haven't seen all the Pelicans out in the Wetlands, you're missing out on quite a spectacular sight.

The Park is looking good and there is much activity in and around the Lakes.  The Lake system is looking its best for many seasons past.  So now, with the weather looking like it may start to cool down, is the time to come and visit.

It really is well worth a look!

A great place to spend a day; an afternoon or just a few hours!

Catch up with our daily Animal Encounters (weather permitting); well worth seeing and experiencing.