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At the present time, we are fundraising in order to build "Getcha" our Saltwater Crocodile, a new home.  "Getcha" has outgrown his current home and we need another $50,000.00 in order to ensure that we can build him a bigger, better, more modern enclosure.

His new home will include an outdoor basking area; a larger pool and much better viewing facilities for the General Public.  The Park has already guaranteed over $100,000.00 towards this Project, but needs this extra funding to complete the Project.

Help us rehouse "Getcha."  

We have started "Crowd Funding" in order to raise the remaining, necessary funds.  You can help by donating a little, or a lot....... just, please, please, please, donate NOW!

You can donate by going to:   and giving what you can afford.

Thanking you in anticipation of receiving your support, from the Park's Committee of Management; Management; Staff; Volunteers and of course, "Getcha" himself !