All the latest from the Park:

We have many new arrivals including "Maggie", a 3 year old Forest Wombat together with a pair of Barn Owls ("Manfred" and "Alba").  Notable births within the Park include several Lizard species; Northern Swamp Wallabies; Flying Foxes; Red Kangaroos; several species of Parrot and numerous Pigeons.

Following the heavy rains, the Wetlands are alive with activity with many Waterfowl species rearing their young, including Swans; rare Pied Geese; Chestnut Teals; Black Ducks and Wood Ducks.  The Wetlands are teeming with wildlife and new species are being sighted each day.  Have you seen all the Pelicans out in the Wetlands?  Amazing!

At present, Park Staff are extra busy arranging and running a range of Animal Encounters and Activities  for all our Visitors.  These include our Twilight in the Park evenings and our very exciting, upcoming Butterflies in the Park Exhibition

All these events guarantee Visitors a never to be forgotten experience, so make sure you check them out.

For any Bookings and enquiries, please contact the Park on (03) 5852 2883

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